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Give the Gift of Grace to Educators this Holiday

The most recent spike in COVID-19 cases has caused districts to reverse their decision to return to in-person learning. This has forced school leaders to once again pivot and reinstitute plans for teaching and supporting students remotely. This pivot will require school leaders to go back into their "toolbox" of successful strategies and implement them again. They will once again rise to the challenge because school leaders are resilient and understand the importance of leading with wisdom, empathy and fortitude.

School leaders and staff have been flexible since March 2020 when the doors of schools closed and the use of technology was no longer a novelty for some but an expectation of all. Both have done a remarkable job at leading and teaching during times of uncertainty and the days ahead will be no different. Many teachers not only have the responsibility of preparing plans and teaching from home or their empty classrooms but are also responsible for the learning of their personal children. Some may also be caregivers of elderly parents and/or relatives. They are serving a dual role of teacher and assistants at the same time. School leaders and teachers are supporting their colleagues by sharing best practices and self-care tips on social media and school platforms.

I'm certain school leaders and teachers understand and appreciate the work district administrators and school boards are doing to keep them safe; however, school administrators and school boards need to be mindful of the sacrifices teachers continue to make on behalf of the students they serve and the districts that employ them.

Let's continue to extend grace to our school leaders and teachers as they work tirelessly to support their students, parents and personal families as we enter another phase of COVID-19 uncertainty. Allow them to unplug this holiday that will be unlike one we've had before, and focus on themselves and their loved ones.

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